A little about bit about me.

My interest in understanding how people live and make sense of their lives and relationships (including my own), first led me to study psychotherapy and counselling.


I have undergone considerable training and have had many years of reflection through my own therapy. This has enabled me to provide my clients over the years with a sound personal yet professional approach to counselling practice.


No two people are ever the same and everyones reason for seeking couselling is different too. Over the years I have been practising, I have worked with people experiencing a wide range of problems. Through the theraputic art of listening with empathy, without judgement and with absolute faith that my clients know the answers they are seeking they just need to find a space, some time and the right therapist to get themselves there.


I work as an integrative therapist bringing together a range of skills and knowledge from a range of approaches. I firmly believe that as every client's needs are unique, it is important to tailor your therapy to fit your personal needs.


I continue to be committed to studying and have recently completed my level 5 Advanced Diplomas in Nutrition and Weight Loss Management. This additional qualification and knowledge has enabled me to offer sessions to clients stuggling with body image issues and eating disorders. My psychotherapy background coupled with my knowledge of nutrition means I am able to help clients explore their relationship with food. 


A free telephone consultation is available to help you decided if I am the right counsellor to meet your needs.

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