I work in a therapeutic and holistic way to help you find better ways of managing ADHD / ADD symptoms and the associated problems you face on a day to day basis.


If you have recently been diagnosed with ADHD /ADD having a space to discuss how you feel can be really useful.          

A diagnosis can leave you with all sorts of emotions and questions about your past as well as what it might mean for your future.  



Maybe you have not had a diagnosis but find yourself struggling with a lot of issues associated with ADHD / ADD and would like to learn more. 


It is not uncommon with ADHD / ADD to feel you are also struggling in other areas of your life with issues like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, poor self-esteem, difficulty holding down a job or relationship issues, these are all areas we can work on together.


Whilst medication can be a valuable tool for dealing with the core symptoms of ADHD / ADD there are lots of other ways you can help manage those problematic feelings and behaviours associated with this diagnosis.


As each of us are unique, so too is the key to understanding what will work best for you.  In our sessions I will work with you to help discover what combination of tools best alleviates your symptoms and makes life feel that little bit easier. This is usually achieved through a combination of talking therapy and life style changes perhaps looking at diet and nutrition, exercise and relaxation techniques.


Get in contact with me to discover more about how I can help you with your journey to a better understanding of you.

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